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Dripping Leakages from Terrace Slabs/Brickbat Layers, Swimming Pools, RCC Water Tanks, RCC Side Walls, Upper Floor bathrooms, Basements, Elevator Pits, Machine Foundations, Cooling Tower Basins, Construction/Expansion Joints, Pipe Penetrations and any other RCC Structure.

Terrace Slab with Brickbat Layer:

There is absolutely no need to break or replace the entire existing brickbat layer - we repair only where it is absolutely necessary. Water finds its way only through the cracks in the terrace brickbat and screed (coba) layer. It then seeps/drips into the lower floors through the cracks in the RCC slab situated below the brickbat layer.

Conventional brickbat replacement is expensive as well as a destructive, disruptive, time-consuming procedure and causes a messy inconvenience for more than a fortnight.

We identify the source of leakages from the terrace flooring and inject PU Resin Grout through special injection packers and electrically operated high pressure grouting pumps. The injected grout reacts with the water in the cracks and expands about 20 times its volume to a dense elastic foam and seals all cracks, fissures, honeycombs and voids in the brickbat and concrete slab - permanently. It works like a tight fitting, flexible gasket between two plates. The grout being elastic will last for years and will also accommodate any expansion and contraction cycles in the slab caused by varying ambient temperatures and hence last for many years.

Alternatively, if the source is evasive and difficult to locate, we inject the Polyurethane Resin Grout from the negative side i.e. the lower floor ceiling itself, from where the water exits and leaks into the lower floors. By this procedure too Polyurethane Resin Grout will flow right into the leaking crack of the slab and beyond to plug the leak. The result will be the same - whether the crack is repaired from the upper side or the lower side of the crack - the crack is sealed right through, from the inside to the outside.

The ideal time to repair the leakage is when there are dripping or seeping leakages and the area is wet-as in the rainy season. Thus, the actual scenario can be gauged and the right repair procedures can be applied for an effective and long-lasting solution.

These procedures will stop the leakages within a few hours. Moreover, we need the weather to be dry only while we are at work. The chemicals used by us will cure and dry in wet weather conditions too.

Our repairs cost only a fraction of what it would cost to replace the entire brickbat layer or even to apply a surface coat to the entire area with a reputed manufacturer's much-publicised product.

We guarantee our repair jobs for up to five years and are subject to the age and structural condition of the building.

Podium-built Swimming Pools/Gardens and Children's Parks having Basement Car Parking and Commercial Establishments at Ground Level:

Leaking swimming pools ruining expensive car paint? Or dripping leakages into shops and establishments below? We have proven techniques to fix similar problems. Podium-built swimming pools need not be emptied-out for repairs. Also gardens and tiled areas don't have to be dug up. We fix the leakages from the outside (negative side) itself, while you can enjoy your swims and evenings in the parks.

Only Swimming pools built at ground level will have to be emptied-out for an inspection prior to repairs. The extent of repairs required can only be gauged after all leaking cracks and fissures are located.

Leakages from Upper Floor Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens:

Annoying leakages from upper floor bathroom and toilets ruining your paint and dripping all over your kitchen? Upper floor resident not cooperating to get it repaired? Source of leakage cannot be traced?

No Matter what the reason is, we can fix it within 7 hours. We specialise in repairing dripping and seeping (active) leakages from upper floor flats by working from the lower floor tenement ceilings itself.


No breaking or demolition of any Tiles, Flooring and Ceramic ware on the upper floor-No disturbance and no mess job - Long guarantee - No more bitterness among neighbours - Peace and harmony with all.

Terrace and Sump RCC Water Tanks:

No need to empty-out the water tank. We can fix the active leakages from the outside of the tank itself. Leakages from pipe intrusions/penetrations are also repaired by the same procedure. The PU Injection Resin Grout being non-toxic is certified to be safe for potable water.

Sump tanks will have to be emptied-out for inspection and repairs.

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