We are a service company based in Navi Mumbai and specialise in the repairs of active leaks and seepages from cracks, fissures and other defects in concrete structures like Terrace Slabs, Podium-built Car Parks, Swimming Pools and Gardens, Terrace Water Tanks, Sump Tanks, Basements, Heritage Structures, etc. by using the specialized technique of Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin Injection Grouting.

Injection Grouting to seal leaking cracks is our specialty and that is what we only do. We do not undertake or solicit any other construction jobs like masonry, crack-filling, tile fitting, stone laying, painting or plumbing.

Our specialty is not a surface application brush and roller technique or a cement patch-up job. Specially formulated epoxy and polyurethane resins, innovative crack injection techniques and specialized equipment are used by us to fill the crack from bottom to top and from the inside to outside, completely filling the crack and forming a bond. This system not only fills the visible crack, but also seeps right through-beyond the concrete wall/slab and into the void behind the wall/slab to completely fill and protect the crack from future failure. Water will now remain outside of the concrete wall/slab and not be able to penetrate into the interior. Best of all, the work is done from the inside i.e. the negative side with no outside digging, excavation or demolition.

Injecting polyurethane foam is the best way to stop a leaking concrete wall/slab crack. This is because the liquid polyurethane fills the entire crack. Once in the concrete crack, it begins to foam inside the crack. The expanding foam completely fills the crack and prevents future water leaks.

Epoxy Resin Injection grouting is used where structural strengthening of concrete structures is required. Once injected and on curing, epoxy bonds the crack and retains the structural integrity of the concrete structure.

A typical 8 feet actively leaking concrete wall/slab crack can be repaired by us in 5-6 hrs. Our charges for a job are reasonable, competitive and cost-effective considering the expenses that would otherwise be incurred towards digging, excavation and refitting existing tiles and flooring. Besides, there is no disruption of regular routines and no inconvenience caused.

Presently, we service the areas within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane District and Goa.

We Are Hallmark Waterproofing Solutions



Dripping Leakages from Terrace Slabs/Brickbat Layers, Swimming Pools, RCC Water Tanks & Side Walls, Upper Floor bathrooms,Basements,Elevator Pits,Machine Foundations,Cooling Tower Basins, Construction/Expansion Joints, Pipe Penetrations. 

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PU Injection Grouting

Polyurethane Injection grouting is a technique that involves the injection of expanding polyurethane to cut-off water flow through concrete joints or cracks or to fill voids under slabs or behind concrete walls. The grout is injected under low/high pressure through a pre-drilled hole. 

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Rising Dampness

Rising damp in buildings may be defined as the vertical flow of water up through a permeable wall structure, the water being derived from ground water. The water rises through the pores (capillaries) in the masonry by a process termed ‘capillarity’.In other words the masonry acts like a wick. 

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